New-year’s time marks 50th anniversary of one of Dallas Cowboys’ most notable days

For older followers of this Dallas Cowboys (count me personally as silver-and-blue qualified), Sunday is a unique day. Jan. 1 marks the 50 th anniversary of just one of the finest games ever played — the Cowboys satisfying the Green Bay Packers inside Cotton Bowl when you look at the National …
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Top 10 Dallas Cowboys of All Time

Top Dallas Cowboys of them all

Here are my top ten Dallas Cowboys ever, in no specific order. My list features nothing at all to do with skill; it is simply regarding how I believed about these guys. Yes, it’s thick with dudes from the sixties & seventies.

1. Don Meredith

Dandy Don, Jeff & Hazel’s child son from Mount Vernon, Tx, had been constantly the life of every huddle. I am sure you’ve got heard him if they had him miked for games, when he would grouse about how precisely the referee ended up being nit-picking, etc. He had been simply a lot of enjoyment. And who’s got cared something about Monday Night Footbal since Don left? I mean, think about it! Needless to say, he never won “the big online game,” but we-all forgive him that, therefore we also forgive him his untimely interception from the Packers into the championship online game, because that might happen to anybody.

2. George Andrie

My buddy and I also regularly send off to your Dallas Cowboys for autographs, and sometimes we might visit where specific associated with players were signing so that you can establish goodwill for staff. We delivered for George Andrie’s through the mail. He sent back a photograph of himself, all 6-6 to 6-7 of him, just as if he were rushing the passer, though without his helmet. Anyhow, the cool benefit of it was how he finalized: “most useful individual regards, George Andrie.” As a young child of eight or nine, I found that a remarkable and classy method to sign: “Best individual regards,” certainly; I usually close personal letters by doing this these days.

3. Walt Garrison

Durable Walt Garrison usually needed nine or higher guys to eventually deliver him down. That has been the rodeo in him showing through; football was probably young child’s play compared to the rodeo circuit. I recall he used to drop and do advertisements for Skoal snuff; I happened to be a Copenhagen man myself, therefore makes myself ill whenever I consider the amount of money I tossed away thereon possibly lethal junk. I am able to nonetheless hear radio stations announcers way back then: “The give to Garrison . . .”; then chances are you only understood Walt ended up being going to carry a load of defenders on their back halfway down the area.

4. Tony Liscio

I admired this tough guy because he stumbled on the group’s relief, and out of pension, to fill-in for Ralph Neely, who had broken his knee in a stupid bike accident. Tom Landry only labeled as him in the phone, and Tony was indeed there within 2 days. My style of staff player.

5. Bob Hayes

No-one could break up a-game like Bob Hayes could, depending strictly on rate, which may get him behind all protective backs. He is some of those players whom changed the overall game, making defensive dudes need to react to Don Meredith’s vertical hits to him. It was such a lovely thing to see him running in the open field, how you might pull-over quietly of roadway to look at a beautiful horse galloping in a few country environment.

6. Lance Alworth

Exactly what do you state about “Bambi”? He provided 100per cent not merely on every play, but for every instant of each and every play. If you don’t trust in me, just look him on Youtube in their Arkansas times. I eventually got to fulfill him, shake their hand to get their autographed photo once I ended up being about nine. Who’s the best baseball player of all time? An acrobat: Lance Alworth.

7. Dan Reeves

Dan Reeves was fun to view because he was therefore versatile. You won’t ever knew when he might throw a halfback pass (such as the 50-yard touchdown pass to Lance Rentzel when you look at the Ice Bowl), roll-out given that holder and pass on a fake industry objective. You had maintain an in depth view with this man with the sluggish south drawl. Plus he had been as constant a back as you could want to have on the offense.

8. Chuck Howley

Kindly remind me personally once more the reason why this person is not in the Hall of Fame. I remember those classic high-low tackles he & Lee Roy Jordan could remain true any guy with. Ended up being Super Bowl MVP in a losing effort against the Colts.

9.John Niland

Do you previously start to see the video footage of John & Buck Buchanan, after an exhibition online game? Buck was in fact vehemently cussing John, alleging John had held him throughout the game, just swearing up & down. John Niland, perhaps not supporting down from mountainous Buck, guaranteed him which he does not hold. “We hold,” John stated, meaning the Cowboys as a team in general, “but I do not hold.” Buck did actually have taken him at their term. Great things using this rare bird Niland.

10. Lee Roy Jordan

Because Lee Roy was constantly indeed there, constantly, at middle linebacker, backing the range, always. A real tough man out of Alabama. Small for a middle linebacker, Lee Roy could actually rock a ball provider. And indeed there he was constantly, from 1963-1976, at the center. He was lauded with Pro Bowl awards 5 times!

Well, those are my top ten Dallas Cowboys. Go ahead and leave opinions about any person you think needs to be about this list.

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