Why visit Djibouti?

[ad_1] Djibouti is a sovereign nation in the Horn of Africa, at the Gate of Tears (Babe el Mandeb) of strategic importance, which protects the entrance to the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Twenty miles east, on the other side of the entrance to the Red Sea, is Yemen. […]

Italy guide and flights to Italy

[ad_1] Italy is world famous for its cultural heritage and incredible food. However, it is a country so diverse that it deserves much more time than we normally have. That is why it is often much better to visit Italy on some different occasions to experience the different places and people it has to offer. […]

Travel Predictions for 2010 – Good Unexpected News!

[ad_1] January is traditionally the least expensive travel month of the year (and the coldest!). My suggestion is to stop worrying about removing Christmas decorations and just running away for a week in the warm sun: drink a Margarita or two and rub your toes in the sand. You'll find amazing deals for all-inclusive resorts […]

Jump to spring in San Diego

[ad_1] With its average spring temperature of a pleasant 68F (20C), San Diego is the perfect place for you to take your vacation and, as it is the second largest city in California, there is much to do. San Diego is a beautiful and naturally mountainous city, which gives it a fairly unique look with […]

Europe at its peak

[ad_1] Europe travel package Europe is an endless experience due to its incredible varied and exciting countries. Europe stands out as one of the most favored destinations in the world. The tourist package in Europe provides all the necessary information to provide for holidays in Europe. It is one of the continents of the world […]