Reasons to book flights to Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a flourishing and developing city in South Africa that is universally known as the & # 39; City of Gold & # 39 ;. Due to its rich gold mining heritage. The city has a prominent modern center that joins with gigantic skyscrapers, large shopping centers, museums, galleries and historic battlefields.

Such a wide range of attractions magnetizes numerous tourists to the city every year and, therefore, there has been an increase in the amount of flights to Johannesburg. Travelers start looking for cheap flights to Johannesburg months in advance to capture the magic of the city's essential attractions. These are some of the irresistible attractions of the city of gold.

Lion park

The Lion Park portrays a real picture of the magnificent wildlife of South Africa. The park is habitat for more than 70 lions and other carnivores such as hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, etc.

Established in November 1966, Lion Park provides an exciting and memorable experience to all wildlife enthusiasts. The place provides an impressive opportunity for visitors to get close views of wildlife, interact with animals in the Cub World area, play with puppies and take pictures as a souvenir with them.

Gold reef city

Gold Reef City is a very famous amusement complex in Johannesburg that houses theme parks and casino facilities. Gold Reef City offers an incredible experience that is impossible to find anywhere else. It is a mixture of fun, excitement and historical truth, all under one roof. The place is the best for children because of its theme park that has adventure attractions and other fun options. On the other hand, the casino at Gold Reef City offers a lively atmosphere, highly trained staff and many gaming options. The place due to its luxurious aura has attracted many Britons to book flights to Johannesburg.

Sun City

Sun City is known among the passionate visitors who travel to Johannesburg. The place is a paradise among the mountains and the beautiful landscapes can be seen as soon as one enters the elegant door of Sun City, which portrays the natural exquisiteness. The main features of the place include the four elegant hotels, a vacation club that houses excellent sports and leisure facilities and two world-class golf courses, and the miraculous Lost City water park.

Apartheid museum

The Apartheid Museum tells the story of the victory of the human force over the harsh conditions and exemplifies the rise and fall of apartheid. The museum has been assembled and structured by a multidisciplinary team of guardians, film producers, historians and architects. The museum is a brilliant design illustration and houses artifacts from the Apartheid era that present visitors with an exceptional experience in South Africa. Culture and history enthusiasts who want to explore the history of South Africa in the museum browse the airlines that offer cheap flights to Johannesburg well in advance.

The top of Africa

Top of Africa – Carlton Center is the tallest building in South Africa with 50 floors. The lower floors of the building are full of shopping centers and parking platforms, while the rest of the floors are occupied by workplaces. The most striking part is the 50th floor that offers an incredible view of Johannesburg and the adjacent area. In addition, the luxurious adjacent hotels of Carlton Center have been centers of attraction for all visitors who book air tickets to Johannesburg

Herman Eckstein Park

Herman Eckstein Park is a place where tourists can definitely spend an exciting time. In addition to the flourishing flora and fauna, this park also houses two museums that interest both painters and historians.

The trip to Herman Eckstein Park remains incomplete without exploring the Johannesburg Zoo, which reflects the wild nature of South Africa. A tour of the various species of animals and a close view of their world delights everyone. The park is shown on the tourism list of most families, couples, alone and backpackers, extravagant or on cheap vacations to Johannesburg.