Belgrade, the capital of European nightlife


In addition to its political history in the last two decades, or perhaps thanks to it, Belgrade is a city that lives at the moment with its thriving night scene. In the 1990s, the Belgraders held open-air concerts while suffering the bombing of the NATO alliance, an achievement that embarrassed many strangers. Two decades of bad press, political sanctions and total isolation have already taken Serbia and its energetic capital off the map, and Belgrade has opened its doors to everyone. Now, foreigners are finally realizing what the locals always knew: that Belgrade is the capital of European nightlife.

Belgrade residents will tell you that nightlife is one of the few good things about the city. I think it is one of many, but really the experience is unique. Along the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers, one after another in a music chain, called splavovi, floating raft clubs, meander in the dark night of the Balkans. Loaded with hundreds of smiling people, crowds of night owls line up to participate in various gypsy bands, electronic mixes, rock & # 39; n & # 39; roll and a clearly Serbian hybrid known as Turbofolk. Socialization tends to continue until dawn, so there is an energy over the city regardless of the time of day or night.

With the emergence of two of the most famous Serbian music festivals: Exit, for which you have probably heard because it is the best European festival of rock and techno music and Guca, where hundreds of gypsy bands entertain more than 600,000 visitors, Belgrade is now on the radar of Western European music fans.

If you plan to have fun in the best clubs in Belgrade with great style, and if you want the best tables in the heart of the party, simply search the web for one of the many party promotion teams in Belgrade that will take care of you and provide entry to clubs without waiting in the ranks.

When it comes to choosing a club, it doesn't really matter here. There are hundreds in Belgrade, and they all offer very good entertainment. Here I will point out some: Belgrade has dozens of techno clubs: I recommend Sound, which is located on the Sava River, under the Old Sava and Plastic Bridge in the old part of the city, near the Botanical Garden, while the rock club of Long-standing Akademija still pumps the power chords. To see Serbia's elite at stake, head to Mr. Stefan Brown on the ninth floor of a glass tower, between Slavija Square and the train station. Excellent cocktails are served here and the beautiful people of Belgrade dance at the tables while the city lights shine in the distance. If you like the sound of Gypsy you cannot miss the area called Ada Ciganlija (Gypsy Island) where the boats recreate the atmosphere of a kafana (Serbian taverns): working class bars where gypsy musicians entertain themselves at the tables. The most notorious is Black Panthers. It is also necessary to assign the old bohemian neighborhood of the city called Skadarlija, where you can try a series of Serbian cuisine specialties and enjoy the tamburaĊĦI, a kind of popular music.

Admission to clubs is usually free, and beverage prices vary, but they are always reasonable compared to those in Western Europe, while smoking is still legal and popular. Best of all, people are very friendly, and the city is really safe and there is not much crime.

It is not bad to mention that the taxi here is really easy to take and is very cheap compared to Paris or London, and almost all taxi drivers know the city map as their pocket.

The Nikola Tesla International Airport in Belgrade offers direct flights from most European capitals, and a large number of hotels offering transfers at a reasonable price. There are many hotels in Belgrade, and also cheap hostels. I would especially like to mention the Bali Paradizo hotel, located relatively close to the airport. It's really amazing. The accommodation here is reasonably priced, and the hotel even has 3 outdoor and indoor pools and a beautiful spa. For hotel guests, they will arrange transportation in luxury cars to any club or bar in the city for only 8 euros.