Activities for everyone in the Algarve


The Algarve is possibly Portugal's most popular holiday destination, which attracts thousands of British tourists every year. There are some reasons for this, one of them, of course, is the amount of clean beaches, the temperature and the relative cost. Holidays in Algarve are suitable for a wide variety of people looking for a perfect holiday, from young couples looking to spend quality time together, groups of friends and even families. If you decide to take your annual vacation in the Algarve and have not been before, you will be pleased to know that there are many activities to enjoy. Here are some.

The first attraction worth highlighting is the Algarve water park, now as Aqualand. Aqualand can be found near Albufeira, and has what could be considered as one of the best walks in Europe.

One of the main attractions of the water park is known as Banzai Boiggan, where guests simply sit at a board, before plummeting on a slide of twenty-three meters, which increases enough speed to allow you to surf in the pool below.

However, the water park not only has such attractions, if you are going to be accompanied by young children, rest assured that there will be many activities to meet your needs!

If you are a fan of water and the ocean, the Algarve also has an additional attraction that will interest you. The Zoomarine is an oceanography park that is entertaining and educational. It was designed to be fun, while allowing visitors to learn about the historical relationship between the Algarve and the sea. The Zoomarine houses the world of dolphins, seals and tropical fish among many. One of the main attractions that the park has to offer is the amount of entertaining dolphin and seal shows that guests can enjoy.

If you are not particularly interested in water parks, or even in the educational offer of the oceanography park, maybe you could try the zoo? The Lagos Zoo is located in its own garden area near Bensafrim. The zoo is home to more than two hundred and fifty animals, of more than fifty different species. In addition to looking at the many animals, you can also observe many different exotic birds in the flight tunnel sixty meters long. The Lagos Zoo is definitely a great vacation day in the Algarve!