Where to Stay in Orlando – A Hotel Or a Vacation Rental Home?

There is no question about it, Orlando is a vacation paradise. There are enough theme parks, amusement attractions, night life and nearby places of natural beauty to keep you and your family joyfully occupied day and night. But, where should you stay, in a hotel or in a rental condo, villa or home? I am a firm believer in the value of a vacation rental home and I would like to explain the advantages that they have over hotel accommodations.

There are several things to think about and they come under the headings of comfort, convenience, and economy.

Let’s look at comfort first. The main factor that is behind the huge boom in rental homes that are being offered in the Orlando area is the fact that people are beginning to realize that just as they would not like to live their lives in crowded rooms at home, when they are on vacation they would also like to have the same spaciousness as they have at home.

The rental homes that are offered in the Orlando area are indeed spacious and comfortable. They range from two bedroom condos to huge seven bedroom villas. The condos have community pools, and the homes and villas have private pools and in many cases spas as well. The homes are fully furnished and fully equipped with air conditioning, Cable TV, DVD and stereo systems. Some of the homes also have high speed wireless Internet connections.

There’s no doubt about it, if you stay in a rental home you will have a spacious environment and you will have all the amenities that you could imagine. Now let’s look at convenience.

You can take your pick of rental homes and stay in homes or villas that are located right next to Disney World and other popular attractions. Imagine taking a ten minute ride and being at the gate of Disney World. That kind of location is convenient. Another factor that has to be considered is flexibility. When you are in a vacation home you can sleep when you like, get up when you wish, take a snack from the refrigerator or do anything that you would do in your own home. In a hotel doing all these things is not always possible or convenient.

In case you are wondering about cleaning up and maintenance, many of the rental homes are maintained by agencies that employ professional cleaning agencies to maintain the homes. When you are ready to leave, you don’t have to make the place spotless, that work will be done by the cleaning staff.

Adding to the convenience factor, vacation homes offer a degree of privacy that you will not get in any hotel.

Now let’s consider economy. Do you have a large family or need separate rooms for the kids? Well, the cost of hotel rooms can really add up, and in almost all cases you will save money and get larger accommodations if you opt for a rental condo, home or villa.

All of these factors have led to a huge growth in vacation home rental offerings in the Orlando area. Private owners as well as agencies now offer a huge selection of condos, villas and homes in this popular tourist destination. So, don’t cram your family into a small hotel room when you are in Orlando, take advantage of the economy, convenience and comfort of a vacation home or vacation condo rental.

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