Lake Cumberland House Boat Rentals – Kentucky Vacations

Lake Cumberland is located in the state of Kentucky and has established itself as one of the premier tourist destinations and offers a multitude of outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, lodging, house boat rentals, wildlife watching, and a choice of other recreational pursuits. The magnificent Lake Cumberland has a surface area of 102 square miles and more than 1,200 miles of shoreline. The main lake stretches some 101 miles and reaches over 1 mile across at its widest point. This man-made lake was primarily constructed as a means of flood control and to create a hydro-electric system.

Lake Cumberland, with its numerous coves, bays and astounding waterfalls offers some excellent opportunities to enjoy a house boating vacation. Pack the friends and family on board and enjoy a effortless cruise on the pristine waters, or take part in some water skiing activities with a accompanying ski boat, or sit back and relax as you fish for bass, crappie or brown trout.

Houseboats on Lake Cumberland can measure in at 80 feet plus for the luxurious models to a still sizable but more modest 50 footer that offers great value. The house boats are equipped with all the creature comforts of home plus extras such as water slides, entertainment systems, hot tubs, party tops, and large outdoor grills. And space is available to accommodation 12 to 8 passengers in comfort. Or for the land lover there is an option to explore the extensive cave systems, and high rocky cliffs on the hiking trails, stop off at one of the campgrounds, or visit the countryside crawling with wildlife.

The Lake Cumberland house boat rentals are able to provide a lot more options that aren’t available with other vacation destinations or second home alternatives. House boating packages can be adventurous and are always memorable in a peaceful setting.

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