Cryptocurrency is also known as virtual currency. Suffice it to say that the word “virtual” is becoming increasingly familiar in the context of cryptocurrencies, indicating a new love of virtual reality.

More and more cryptocurrency events and meetings are hosted in VR rooms or platforms. At the same time, blockchain-based virtual worlds and platforms were created using their own cryptocurrencies, allowing virtual citizens to acquire in-house items.

But is such an important part of such growth? Or is this just a segment of the cryptocurrency ecosystem that could collapse as soon as Korovirus disappears and once again be able to attend IRL (real-life) conferences?
Usually, in the case of these items, the answer can be found somewhere in the middle.
Virtual meetings, lectures and conferences
Now that Coronavirus has effectively shut down all cryptocurrency conferences, virtual reality has taken a step forward in the near future, without attending meetings, with no chance of catching a sympathetic infection from a fellow.
Since February at least, VR has hosted Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto meetings. It first appeared on VRChat on February 15, when developer Udi Wertheimer organized a virtual social gathering that was also attended by other prominent bitcoiners, such as Eric Wall, Brad Mills, Hodlowout and Manny Rosenfeld, chairman of the Israeli Bitcoin Association.

This initial meeting was largely social in nature, but since then the virtual bitcoin gatherings have focused on education and business. James Lopez, Casa’s CTO, Casa Security Chief Officer, delivers the first BTC lecture as it happened on February 29, when Bitcoin developer Adam Gibson gave a presentation on PayJoin, a special type of CoinJoin protocol (a method to increase transaction). By combining bitcoin payments into one transaction).


Aspen Condo Rentals – How to Pick the Best One for You

If you’re one of the lucky vacationers this year, you may be planning a trip to the Aspen, Colorado area and wondering whether staying in one of the many Aspen condo rentals would be a good choice for you. Well, if you like the idea of staying in a place that truly feels like a home, looks like a home, has all of the comforts of a home and is private yet part of the vibrant Aspen scene then the answer is most definitely, YES.
The good news is you’re in luck. The bad news is that there are so many options to choose from the process of deciding the perfect home away from home can be challenging. As a resort town, Aspen and the surrounding area is filled with condo rental options.
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You can choose from 1 to 4 bedroom condos, town homes and rental homes in the Aspen, Snowmass or Snowmass Village areas. You can expect to pay just under $200 per night for a one bedroom condo and over $2,000 per night for a super luxury rental. For ease of shopping for your vacation rental you can go through one of the many online rental brokerage companies that arrange rentals in the Aspen area.
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To find the ideal condo rental for you, work backwards. First decide what it is that you want to do while on your vacation. Use Google maps to locate the places you want to visit and things you plan on doing. Once you have a clear idea of where it is you’ll be spending your time away from your accommodation, you can look for a centrally located property so that your drive times and expenses are greatly reduced. Some property rental sites will help you by narrowing down your search with the options you choose on their site.
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This is especially helpful if you are not familiar with the area. Once you think you’ve found a good property that will meet your needs, find it on Google maps and see how the location matches up with the places you know are likely to visit on your trip.
If you are visiting the Aspen area and don’t plan on driving there or having access to an automobile, consider finding a property that is within walking distance of the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus route. Riding the bus within the City of Aspen and many routes running between Aspen and Snowmass Village is free. Planning ahead to include transportation considerations can make your trip much more hassle free and enjoyable.
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There are over 500 individual Aspen condo rentals to choose from in the greater Aspen area, and when you factor in town homes and vacation rental homes, the possibilities are almost endless.
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Blacklisted Hotel and Vacation Rental Guests – How To Keep The Unruly Traveler At Bay

Whether you own a hotel, a vacation rental property or just manage one, chances are that you’ve had a bad guest before. They damage property, disturb other guests, excessively complain in the hopes of getting a free night’s stay, and steal everything that isn’t bolted down. However, there are several ways you can protect yourself and your investment.
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Let me start by telling a story. I owned a property management company for several years. Families would allow me to rent out their vacation home on a short term basis while they weren’t there. I would collect the rent from the guest and then forward a certain portion of that rental income to the property owner. Just two months into my new business venture, a young lady walked into our office one day. She had just graduated college and said she wanted to celebrate by renting the most luxurious property we offered.
Our largest property at the time was a a very large log home on the top of a mountain and rented for $750 per night. She said “I’ll take it”. Because my business was just getting started, I was ecstatic. However, she could only pay by check, which was against our rental policies. I decided to let my desire to fill the property override my better judgement. You can see where this is going. The day after she checked out, I got a call from my bank. The check had bounced. To this day, I believe that woman knew ahead of time exactly how long it would take for the bank to return a check because she stayed one day less than that.
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My reason for telling that story is this: The most powerful tool to help avoid problems like that is good old fashion intuition. Trust your judgement. If something about a guest seems out of the ordinary, you’ll know it. For example, if someone calls to make reservations for someone else, tell them that you need to speak to the person whose name will be on the contract. If spring break is approaching, be wary of college kids who are trying to book a room. Listen to their conversation. The first time you hear them say “dude” or “that’s totally awesome bro”, take that as a hint and send em packing. Unless booze soaked college kids on spring break don’t cause trouble in your part of the world, then by all means…
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Also, write a strong, well thought out rental policy. There are several places online where you can get a basic rental policy but you may have more success if you right your own. If your hotel has a swimming pool, write your rules about that swimming pool in your policies. If your cabins are not pet friendly, write that too. A guest can’t be expected to play by the rules if they don’t know what those rules are.
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The best way to ensure your guests are well behaved and enjoy their stay is to take a security deposit. A guest is less likely to leave with all the towels if there is a $500 refundable security deposit at risk.
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Lastly, consider joining a web based service that allows hotels and rental agencies to report a guests’ behavior so that other hotels and rental agencies can be warned of known trouble makers. These are commonly called guest blacklist sharing services. Similar to a “No-Fly” list for airlines. At the moment there are three major reporting agencies:
1) “GuestScan” covers guests within the United Kingdom.

2)” GuestBehavingBadly” covers Australia and the south pacific.

3) “GuestChecker” covers north America. They are pay services but the first time you have a bounced check or a guest steals the TV, you’ll wish you had joined.
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By the way, the girl who bounced the check for almost $7k? Yeah, she’s on the blacklist.
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Five Keys to Finding Great Beach Rentals

Deciding to take a beach vacation is one of the best things you can do for you and your family. There is something about being near the ocean that seems to wash all worries out of sight. Before you can begin sunning yourself on the beach however, you need to arrange for the accommodations and travel plans. While this may seem slightly painstaking, the planning will be well worth it in the end. First off, there are so many beautiful beaches around the world to choose from, so how do you pick the best one?

What part of the country or the world are you heading to? This may be largely influenced by the amount of time you have off and the amount of money you have in your trip budget. Even if you live 1 or 2 hours from the beach, taking this short trip allows you to have maximum time in the sun and allows you to get out of town.

1. Find the Right Destination

The beaches in the United States are certainly beautiful but perhaps you are looking for something more exotic. If this is the case, the Mediterranean can be the perfect tropical destination spot. Perhaps you would like to go to sunny Spain or the posh French Riviera, or you could head further out to the island of Cyprus and enjoy some breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountainous regions of Turkey.

2. Evaluating Costs

Once you have chosen the spot you need to factor in the cost. You may have found the perfect locale but can you afford a rental house or just a small villa? There are several different travel websites that can assist you in finding that perfect, affordable place on the beach.

3. Finding the Right Sized Rental

Next you need to make sure you are able to accommodate the number of people coming with you. You don’t want to rent a 2 bedroom villa in Tahiti when there are 8 people in your party. You need to find the right size to make sure everyone is comfortable and has their own space. This is especially important if you are going with your spouse and other couples. With the beauty all around, you will want some alone time with your partner. Also, you will need to figure out how the cost will be broken up. If you have a larger budget to work with, perhaps something slightly more lavish will work out well. If you are there on a small budget and are not as concerned about personal space, room sharing in a smaller rental can give you the opportunity to enjoy the experience without spending too much money.

4. What Kind of Beach Location are you Looking for?

You will want to see what type of beach it is that you are going to. Is it a public or private beach? Is it a nude beach? These are important questions to ask especially if you are travelling overseas to unfamiliar beaches. The last thing you want is to walk out on the beach with your children only to realize you are the only one wearing swim suits! You will also want to figure out the weather around that beach at the time of year you will be there. You don’t want to be sitting on the beach in Cancun during the Monsoon season. Make sure there are plenty of sunny days during the time of your stay

5. Understand the Terms of the Rental Agreement

Make sure you discuss the exact term of payments, deposits and other technical aspects of renting a villa for the amount of time you will be there. Are there any non-refundable payments? If something breaks, how liable are you. Reading the small print and discussing these things with the homeowner or leasing agent will help assure that you will not run into any hidden costs or problems with the property. As a general rule, as long as you leave the place in the same condition as you found it, you should not be forced to pay any additional fees when you vacate.


3 Golden Keys to Successful Vacation Rental

Hundreds of thousands of vacation rental owners list their properties each year and expectantly wait for the enquiries to come pouring in so they can achieve maximum occupancy. Successful owners know that there is more to vacation property rental than posting a few photos and some descriptive text. They have a game plan for marketing; treat their customers with respect and courtesy from the moment of the first enquiry, and follow-up promptly after the vacation has ended. These golden keys to vacation rental success can make the difference between average and occasional occupancy, and a solidly booked season with a high proportion of returning renters.

Know Your Market

Before starting out and posting rates, thoroughly research the market in your area. Look at properties with similar features and facilities and price competitively. Setting a rate too high will yield fewer rentals and more demanding clients as they expect value for their money, while undercutting your competitors will attract the types of renters you would probably prefer not to have.

Select several properties that show good occupancy for more in-depth research and study. The goal is to determine what is attracting potential renters to those listings or sites. What keywords are they using to keep them high in search engines? How are they presenting the property overall? What can you use in you own promotions?

Having a good knowledge of the competition will give you an edge over them.

Treat it Like a Business

From the moment you begin advertising your second home, you become a supplier to the travelling public, and are essentially running a small business, even if you don’t register it as such. Being business-like in every aspect of renting out your home will make your prospective guests feel more confident in paying you money in advance. They will see your professional approach to a rental agreement and Terms and Conditions as a sign of a genuine transaction rather than worrying about being scammed. It’s a great benefit to you as well since a well-run business will have sound policies, processes and systems, giving you the confidence that you will never run the risk of double-booking or be concerned about how to handle a cancellation or damage issue.

Be Customer Focused

Customer service skills are an integral requirement for managing successful rentals. If you don’t like people then don’t do this business because dealing with them is a major part of the operation. Unless you plan on using a rental management company and a trusted property manager or caretaker to look after the people side, you will need a whole bunch of patience, compassion, empathy and kindness to cope with all the issues that will come your way. Being customer focused means you will always have your guests needs at the front of your mind, and constantly think of ways to improve their experience.


Three Vacations That Would Be Better In A Vacation Rental

The travel industry has changed over time, and with these changes comes the ebb and flow of various trends. While some trends tend to have their moment and soon fade out of relevance, one trend that has certainly made its mark is that of vacation rentals.

If you stand back and see how society has changed, it makes sense that being able to have a vacation rental as a lodging option was the next big step to take for the travel industry. At one time, you had the overwhelming presence of the big chain hotels, and before that, the motels and motorways made for interesting places to stay while you were on the road either for leisure or for business. At some point, though, and this goes for just about all industries, there was a lot more power given to the consumer, and once this shift in power took place, accommodations as they had been know before would no longer be the same.

People were deciding they wanted more amenities available to them, as well as access to more options on the fly in the event they had a fresh idea of ​​what they wanted out of their lodging choice. Hotels looking to fight for bookings tried their best to scramble & meet demands, but then came the vacation rental properties. Now, there really was a greater sense of feeling like your place to stay while on vacation was a "home away from home". Times certainly had changed.

Given the prominence of vacation rentals in the travel industry, it's hard not to look at certain vacations and wonder whether they would have benefit from this lodging option. As such, here are three popular vacation destinations that might actually have quite a lot more to offer if you choose a vacation rental over a traditional hotel:

Orlando, Florida – Perhaps the greatest draw to this city, aside from the great beaches, happens to be centered around the world of a friendly cartoon mouse. There's no denying you're in one the most popular tourist areas on the planet, so you may want your lodging to be close to where you want to go but just far enough away where you can have some peace & relaxation.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Everyone knows about "The Strip", and of course, you're talking bright lights, a mass of people, and activities that extend into the early hours of every day. The neon can be a lot to take, so what better way to take in all that Sin City has to offer than by retreating to a vacation rental not quite on "the strip". You may also gain an appreciation for all of the rest that Las Vegas has to offer other than the usual stuff that no one says happened.

Red River, New Mexico – You could venture over to more popular areas in northern New Mexico, but Red River gives you the same great access to the Rockies, year-round activities for the whole family, and superb snow sports that you can get elsewhere . Moreover, they are a small town with a small population that does its best to keep things nice & low-key.

Vacation rentals are "the new kid in town", but while they may be relatively new to the travel industry, they are definitely worth a look when you are planning your family's next getaway. It may just be the final piece to what will hopefully be a very memorable trip.


Pet Friendly Virginia Getaways

If you’re like most pet parents, you probably spoil your pet, showering him with love and affection. So when you go on vacation, you want to stay at a pet friendly accommodation that offers special amenities for both you and your pet.

No matter what type of vacation you’re planning, Virginia is an amazing destination. Not only do many of the accommodations welcome your pet, but they also treat him like a guest and provide special pet perks. Plus, the staff is more than happy to recommend places that you and your dog can go together-making your vacation even more special. Although there are many pet friendly lodging options in Virginia, the following are just a few accommodations where the staff loves pets as much as you do and treats them like part of the family.

Sandbridge Realty Vacation Rentals – Offering the perfect family vacation getaway, Sandbridge Realty manages 43 pet friendly rental homes that welcome dogs in Sandbridge Beach, located in the southern part of Virginia Beach. (Sorry, but cats aren’t allowed.) When you check in your pet friendly vacation home, your dog will receive complimentary bowls. The staff can also recommend local dog parks where you and your dog can run and play.

Hopkins Ordinary Bed & Breakfast – Located in Sperryville, this pet friendly bed and breakfast Inn welcomes pets in the Garden Cottage. When you check in, your furry companion will receive complimentary pet bowls. Feel free to ask the staff about pet friendly walking routes. Not only can they provide maps of the area, but they can also suggest the most scenic areas and customize a route for your dog.

Holladay House Bed and Breakfast – This pet friendly bed and breakfast Inn, located in the town of Orange, welcomes pets in the Garden Room. Upon check-in, your dog or cat will receive a welcome basket, which includes bowls, treats and a toy. If you love taking your dog everywhere, you’re in luck. Visit the wineries, which allow you to bring your dog. (The staff provides free winery passes.) Or stop by one of the outdoor eateries that allow dogs.

Washington Suites Alexandria – Located minutes from Old Town Alexandria, this pet friendly hotel welcomes pets in designated suites. You’ll feel at home in these accommodations, which offer plenty of room for even the largest dog. Cook your pet’s favorite foods in the fully equipped kitchen. Walk your dog in the hotel’s designated areas, or ask the staff to recommend local dog parks. Visit Old Town Alexandria, and relax at a restaurant that allows dogs in the outdoor dining area.

Iris Inn – This pet friendly retreat, located in Waynesboro and overlooking the Shenandoah Valley from a 12-acre Blue Ridge mountaintop, welcomes dogs in the Deep Woods Cottage and the Garden Path Cottage. (Sorry, but cats aren’t allowed.) You and your dog can relax in these spacious accommodations and enjoy the beautiful, woodsy surroundings. Explore downtown Waynesboro, which provides areas for dog walking, or visit some of the wineries and breweries that allow dogs.

Stay-Over Suites – Located in Hopewell, this pet friendly hotel offers your pet tons of love and makes him feel at home. When you check in, your dog or cat will receive complimentary toys. The staff also loves to give out treats. (Your pet probably won’t mind.) You can walk your dog in the designated, pets allowed areas on the hotel property. But make sure you also ask the staff to recommend local dog parks, so your dog can run and play.

To learn more about these and other pet friendly accommodations in Virginia, visit You want to be pampered when you’re on vacation, so choose lodging that will also offer special amenities for your pet. After all, a vacation is a getaway for the entire family, including your four-legged family member.


Lake Cumberland House Boat Rentals – Kentucky Vacations

Lake Cumberland is located in the state of Kentucky and has established itself as one of the premier tourist destinations and offers a multitude of outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, lodging, house boat rentals, wildlife watching, and a choice of other recreational pursuits. The magnificent Lake Cumberland has a surface area of 102 square miles and more than 1,200 miles of shoreline. The main lake stretches some 101 miles and reaches over 1 mile across at its widest point. This man-made lake was primarily constructed as a means of flood control and to create a hydro-electric system.

Lake Cumberland, with its numerous coves, bays and astounding waterfalls offers some excellent opportunities to enjoy a house boating vacation. Pack the friends and family on board and enjoy a effortless cruise on the pristine waters, or take part in some water skiing activities with a accompanying ski boat, or sit back and relax as you fish for bass, crappie or brown trout.

Houseboats on Lake Cumberland can measure in at 80 feet plus for the luxurious models to a still sizable but more modest 50 footer that offers great value. The house boats are equipped with all the creature comforts of home plus extras such as water slides, entertainment systems, hot tubs, party tops, and large outdoor grills. And space is available to accommodation 12 to 8 passengers in comfort. Or for the land lover there is an option to explore the extensive cave systems, and high rocky cliffs on the hiking trails, stop off at one of the campgrounds, or visit the countryside crawling with wildlife.

The Lake Cumberland house boat rentals are able to provide a lot more options that aren’t available with other vacation destinations or second home alternatives. House boating packages can be adventurous and are always memorable in a peaceful setting.


Summer Vacation – Hotel Or Vacation Rental?

Renting Vacation rentals is one of the fastest growing trends in travel, today. It has long been popular in many summer vacation spots, for families to enjoy the convenience of an oceanfront beach house, have a perfect summer on the lake, or relax at a mountainside retreat close to outdoor adventures and activities. You may even find rental homes that welcome pets, so you can bring the family dog or cat along! Here are some of the other perks you can enjoy when renting a vacation property:

  • More space – vacation rental homes come in many different sizes and shapes from 2 bedroom 2 bath to giant 12 bedroom + homes for the big family get together. A standard hotel room is 20′ x 20′, when compared with a 2000 sq. ft. vacation rental, you’ll find you have much more room to dine in vs. eating out. Everyone can stay in separate rooms under the same roof and enjoy the added privacy.
  • Vacation Rentals can be found where ever you’d like to stay. If you want a place two steps from the beach, or right next to the mountain stream, you can find it.
  • More amenities that most hotels. Most vacation rentals have a full kitchen with dishes, dishwasher, glassware, cookware, washers and dryers. You have pools, BBQ grills, fireplaces, Wi-Fi internet and much more.

Most vacation spots are pre-rented as early as a year ahead, many renters choose to reserve their vacation as they leave to make sure they get the dates they want or need.

Hot spots for renting include Florida Beach Houses, Georgia Mountain Cabins and much more.

See you at the Beach!


Spring Break 2010 – How to Save on Panama City Beach Condo Rentals

In less than 2 months, the hottest beaches and cities will be overrun with wild and crazy college co-eds looking for a great time. It is that time of year known simply as “Spring Break”! The 2010 spring break season will bring in a much needed vacation for most. There are a host of places that you can choose to go, South Padre Island, Cancun, Daytona or Panama City Beach!

Depending on the size of the group that you are travelling with, your specific needs and desires – staying in hotels may not be the most desirable option for you. If that sounds like your situation, you’ll want to consider a beach home rental. Because Panama City isn’t as popular as lets say, South Beach – the vacation home rental prices tend to be a little cheaper.

The benefits of renting a beach house are numerous. Much like a hotel, the condos or beach homes are fully furnished. But unlike hotels, they come with full kitchens and usually have multiple bathrooms. Now these amenities may sound somewhat simple or irrelevant, but unless you are lucky enough to stay at an all-inclusive resort, the cost of food, drinks and snacks will be enormous. The access to a kitchen means that all of your friends can chip in for groceries and kitchen supplies, saving you a ton of money. There are several ways to save money on your rental – I’ll share them with you now:

1. Book early: No matter where you are going, making your reservations early is always the best way to go. In this case, the earlier you book – the better choices you’ll have. Rental units tend to fill up fast, you don’t want to get stuck with the left-overs. Get better value for your money with an early booking.

2. Do you really need an ocean view?: A room with a view is bound to cost more money. This goes for hotels and beach condos as well. People will pay top dollar for what they consider “prime” real estate. If you’re short on cash, ask for a rental that’s not directly on the beach, but within walking distance.

3. Don’t be afraid to negotiate: There are many reasons for increased rates during the Spring Break holiday, with the top reason being the unruliness and property damage risk that is usually associated with drunk college kids. Reach out to the property manager or home owner and see if there isn’t something that you do to negotiate a lower price in exchange for a higher deposit amount (assuming that your deposit is fully refundable) or a discount on the deposit altogether.

You will need to remember that renting a vacation home is still a big responsibility. You want to have fun, but you still need to be mindful of how you treat another persons property. As always, stay safe – be aware and enjoy yourself!