Dominican Republic Travel guide for travelers


The Dominican Republic is part of the Caribbean and occupies two thirds of the Spanish island of Hispaniola. It is famous for its white sand beaches and stunning natural landscapes. The Dominican Republic was explored by Columbus and the island became a landing point for future Spanish conquests. Now, after so many years, the island still offers visitors historical places and beautiful views of the island.

When visiting any Caribbean island, the climate would be expected to be tropical; and the same goes for the Dominican Republic where the weather is moderate with seasonal rains. Due to its location, the island is hit by hurricanes throughout the year that can cause some flooding. The country is surrounded by rugged plains and grassy mountains that add to the beauty of the islands. Some of the best known cities on the island are Santo Domingo, which is the capital city along with Higuey; Puerto Pala, Punta Cana and Juan Dolio. The capital, Santo Domingo, is quite famous among travelers and its beaches are full of tourists throughout the year.

Arriving here
You can arrive here by plane and land in Santo Domingo in & # 39; La Isabela & # 39; airport that receives flights from other Caribbean islands. Mainly, you would need to take charter flights from other Caribbean islands to reach the Dominican Republic. For most visitors, the entry visa is free, but you must buy a tourist card upon arrival that will detail your stay information. Once in the capital, you can hire taxis or rent cars that will take you to your nearby hotels. The currency in use here is the Dominican peso, which can change at the airport. There are several car rentals available for tourists, with Hertz, Avis, etc. They provide quality services. Fuel here is expensive and can increase your total rental cost. You can also reach the country by boats and cruises that go from Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands to the capital Santo Domingo. Other options include buses or trucks that you can hire; These can easily take you around the island, although you must take care of your luggage during any long-term movement.

People and accommodation
Most people here are friendly and speak Spanish; Since it is a tourist destination, you will find many English-speaking people. The locals are quite helpful and would be willing to help if you are courteous to them. Some people also speak French, as some Haitians also reside here. The accommodation is not a big problem if you have booked your rooms and hotel previously.

Buying food
The food here is similar to other Caribbean islands with spices and fruits that make up the main flavors. Seafood is also available and many dishes are made up of fish and other sea creatures. Shopping is also fun in Santo Domingo, as there are several shopping centers where you can buy local crafts. You can buy many cheap gifts here, which are mainly made from local materials. Some stores also sell branded products, but they are very expensive.

Finally, you should keep in mind that malaria is a problem in the Dominican Republic and you should always take precautions against this and other diseases. Try to cover yourself with full-sleeved clothing overnight to protect against any mosquito attack.


Let Toronto's highlights make your vacation enjoyable


Therefore, he has decided to go on vacation this summer, but he cannot make a decision about the destination to which he should go. Well, there are many fabulous destinations on the planet that deserve your visit, but if you really want to make the most of your long-awaited vacation, you must fly to Toronto.

Toronto is undoubtedly one of the most sought after vacation destinations in North America, especially in Canada. Those tourists who want to enjoy every moment and make vacations an unforgettable memory to take flights to Toronto.

A wonderful trip awaits you in Toronto!

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is the most populous city in Canada. This lovely Canadian city is an international center where artistic, financial, commercial and cultural activities take place. Located on the northwest coast of Lake Ontario, Toronto is considered one of the most diverse cities on Earth. This is due to the fact that 50% of its residents were born outside the country, and there are other ethnic backgrounds that represent the population of the city. As you know that English is the main language spoken by most local residents in Toronto, there are over 140 different languages ​​spoken in this remarkable city.

There are some people who consider Toronto a multicultural city in the world and there are several reasons that support the fact. This Canadian city has welcomed settlers and travelers with a smile on their faces. Toronto is famous for its theater and performing arts scene and there are more than 50 ballet companies and dance companies in the city.

You would love to explore Toronto on foot, as it is a great city for walking, and what makes it so fun are the different neighborhoods in which Toronto prides itself. There may be some places that may seem so unusual in this great city, but you can't ignore Toronto no matter how hard you try. You will be tempted to extend your stay in this amazing Canadian city if you have more time available.

What are some of the popular highlights in Toronto that are worth a visit?

In fact, there is simply no end to the amount of tourist attractions in Toronto, but some of the most popular are listed below.

1. CN Tower: you cannot afford to take a tour of the city's most famous tourist attraction, that is, the CN Tower. This iconic tower in Canada is explored by almost 2 million tourists every year who compare flights to Toronto to book an affordable one just to admire the way this tower has been built.

2. Art Gallery of Ontario – The Art Gallery of Ontario is an art museum located in the Downtown Grange Park district of the city. This gallery houses more than 80,000 works of art from the 1st century until now. You can find some of the great works of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and the largest collection of Canadian art.

3. Princess of Wales Theater: This theater pays tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, with whose consent this theater is named after her. It is a theater with capacity for 2000 people and located in the heart of the entertainment district of Toronto. You must book cheap plane tickets to Toronto if you want to explore the charm of this theater.


Mauritius Hotels, paradise on earth


The Republic of Mauritius is located in the American Indian Sea, east of Madagascar. The island is almost completely surrounded by beautiful coral reefs that lead to a surprisingly wide and diverse aquatic life and extraordinary diving opportunities. Republic of Mauritius is the ideal destination for marriage and honeymoon, also for a great place for a family vacation. Hotels and resorts line the shores of this tropical paradise and offer everything from comfortable accommodation to prodigal accommodation. As this is a holiday destination throughout the year, it is crucial that you book your way in advance.

The island is an oasis in the sky perfect for diving, sunbathing and surfing. It is placed right in the East from the Republic of Madagascar and international flights are common and have a precipitating cost.

You probably found this page because I was looking for cheap hotels or hotels. Cheap rates in hotels. Simply, the lowest rates and the best deals with hotels.

Formally, part of Africa, while 1200 miles away from the rest, the Republic of Mauritius has the highest per capita income on the continent. Port Louis, the modern capital of this island of 38 miles by 29 miles, is an active port with a revitalized coast and an active market. However, most visitors gravitate towards tourist areas such as the five-star Mont Choisy. The quiet Trou-aux-Biches and the new Flic en Flac destination are popular with divers. Rivi & # 39; s Noire is ideal for those eager for deep sea fishing.

Hotels of the Republic of Mauritius: on the western shoring of the island, secured by the Lagoon, nests the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa, immersed in the aromas of sugarcane and Creole spices. Absolutely incorporated into its lush surroundings with its sumptuous flora, the hotel is framed by a white sand beach.

Judge Fekna says he is aware that, despite the divergence of names, Jugdish Moholu was referring to New Mauritius Hotels Ltd, owners of the Hotel Le Mauricia, the applicant's former employer. He recognizes this from New Mauritius & # 39; Hotels & # 39; The lawyers have agreed to be the employer of Jug Dish Moholu. Still the amendment was not admitted.

Le Touessrok is reborn after a comprehensive reconstruction and remodeling. Acutely sensual, with a modern and contemporary style, it offers fresh rooms and suites, fresh kitchens, fresh relaxations at the Givenchy spa and a new championship golf course. Located on the island of the Republic of Mauritius, in the sparkling sea of ​​American India, Le Touessrok is a pinnacle of tropical luxury and one of the most romantic places on earth.

Founded near the ancient Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui and built on a small heavenly bay with a golden sand beach, the Legends Mauritius hotel is the Zen place to relax. The setting is pleasant, in the quiet Laguna, looking towards the islands with lovely names like & # 39; Gunners & # 39; Point & # 39;, & # 39; Flat Island & # 39; and & # 39; Sugar Loaf & # 39;.

Paradise Cove Hotel & Spa in Mauritius: The hotel stands out for its individualized service, reminiscent of the warmth and elaboration of a & # 39; Mauricio's residence & # 39;. This mansion & # 39; from charme & # 39; It is the most welcoming elegant resort in the Republic of Mauritius and the only 5 star boutique hotel on the island! Enjoy the "all-inclusive packages" or the perfect "all-inclusive experiences".

A white sand beach, a lagoon with semitransparent waters? Republic of Mauritius offers you postcard scenes with images. But it will also attract you for the fertility of the communities that are present: Indians, Chinese, Africans constitute a unique aura. On the west coast, in Flic en Flac, the Sofitel Imperial Mauricio hotel receives it, in its Zen architecture that opens towards the sea and nature.


The best weekend getaways: 6 economic destinations, American and international


If a long weekend is coming and you want to take advantage of that extra day off, why don't you go on a trip for a few days? What is the point of staying home when there are so many places waiting to be explored? These days, traveling does not involve much advance planning. You can organize a two or three day itinerary very easily. There may be some last minute offers for you to get too. Where should you go? These are some of the best weekend getaways at this time (national):

Tucson, Arizona

If you don't mind the heat of the desert, Tucson is a pleasant and affordable place to visit. There is much to do outdoors, such as visiting the Saguaro National Park and visiting the Historic District. Head to the Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum to see native plants and animals in a dazzling landscape. It is VERY easy to find a good hotel in this city for less than $ 100 per night.

Kansas City, MO

Right in central America, Kansas City is an affordable destination that offers a lot of fun for a weekend getaway. Many of the attractions like the art museum are free to visit. If you are a sports fan, head to Kauffman Stadium or Arrowhead Stadium to watch a game.

Austin, TX

One of the best weekend getaways in Texas is the city of Austin. It is especially fun to visit if you love music. On Sixth Street you will find famous bands and new bands that perform their best songs. Go to the Austin Zoo if you want to see all kinds of creatures: scaly, hairy and feathered. There are many cheap hotels with free breakfast.

These are some of the best weekend getaways in international destinations:

Guadalajara Mexico

This is a cheap destination if you are flying from a major US city. UU. There is no shortage of affordable accommodation. It is usually cheaper if you opt for a vacation package that includes airfare and a hotel room. There are many fun things to do, such as exploring cultural institutions such as the Huichol Wixarica Museum in Zapopan or the Clemente Orozco Museum.

Brussels, Belgium

Airlines like WOWAir offer affordable airfare to European destinations. Brussels in particular is an economical getaway, with more than 500 hotels. It's easy to find a four star hotel for $ 100 or less per night. It is worth visiting this beautiful and historic city.

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

While there are many affordable destinations in the Caribbean, the best weekend getaways at the moment are in Santo Domingo. The air fare, accommodation, food and activities will be adapted to any budget. This city is a mixture of modern Latin style and old world charm. You will find an incredible mix of historic fortresses and palaces mixed with shops and nightlife of the 21st century.

Let travel websites be your main source for finding the best weekend getaways and travel discounts. Whether you already have a destination in mind or want to explore all current offers, there may be an online discount code that you can use to save even more.


Holidays in Turkey: an economical and complete holiday offer


Turkey is one of the cheap holiday destinations in the world that enjoys a great reputation. Today it is one of the few European tourist skies that has much to offer and do, all at viable prices. In fact, the key feature that makes cheap holidays to Turkey a more feasible alternative is cheap flights that are readily available. In addition, this tourist paradise even has a lot of cheap accommodation with kitchens, which is definitely the best alternative to enjoy your vacation at reasonable prices.

Today Turkey is one of the few countries that does not have the hustle and bustle of other tourist destinations, but it has a lot to offer that can make your cheap holiday in Turkey a wonderful and exciting vacation experience. There is a large amount of accommodation with kitchen and bed and breakfast, which provides an ideal base for your stay. In fact, holidays in Turkey can include anything from long weekend breaks, all-inclusive vacations to the popular beach break, with all the sun, sea and sand you've always wanted. It has a very uneven and varied terrain that consists of valleys, trails and mountains that make it the best destination to enjoy hiking. In addition to this, this destination also offers many options to participate and enjoy different types of outdoor activities such as mountain biking on forest trails or even diving in Bodrum.

Enjoying your cheap Turkish vacation, you will never be far from some of the most unique historical tourist attractions that this country has to offer. Having had a long history that was influenced by the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman empires, to name just a few, this country has many destinations that enjoy great historical importance, including some incredibly intricate architectures. The fascinating ruin of Ephesus, located in the beautiful Turkish countryside, is just one of the remarkable ancient treasures that you can enjoy during a day trip.

However, Turkey is a country where you can do it without spending a lot of money and enjoy everything you always imagined. You can do paragliding over the Dead Sea, river rafting and even sail on the blue coastline. Besides this, you can even do balloon rides, mountaineering and hunting in the national park of Turkey. If you expect some other kind of outdoor adventure, skiing in the mountains, visiting the hot springs and spas, exploring the wildlife and green plateaus of Turkey are other alternatives that you can enjoy.

Also, if you are one of those who like to shop, resorts like Bodrum and its charming narrow streets could be the most feasible option that can offer many good shopping and a frantic nightlife. In addition to this, the versatile Marmaris is the most popular complex where you can find a wide variety of shops and restaurants, as well as bars. Apart from this, buying in Turkey has its own enjoyment if it is done in Istanbul. This is the most famous place in Turkey and known for its grand bazaar. This bazaar was built by Sultan Mehmet, covering 65 streets and 3300 stores.

Today Turkey is not just about sun-drenched beaches, nightclubs or notable mosques, it has many other tourists & # 39; In fact, there is so much to explore and enjoy that holidays in Turkey can provide a complete kaleidoscope of exciting opportunities and a wonderful adventure experience. So this season, plan your cheap holiday in Turkey for a wonderful adventure and a relaxing experience.


What does your airline do to recover your lost luggage?


The last time I saw the white corrugated cardboard box with the fragile stickers attached, it was at the US Airways check-in counter in Mexico City. My wife and I had just arrived from Acapulco with Mexicana Airways and we had changed our airline to US Airways to complete our trip to Seattle via Phoenix. Once we landed in Phoenix, we were once again instructed to collect our checked baggage from the carousel. However, to our dismay, there were no signs of the tax-free white box. The friendly woman from the airport security mentioned that there is an occasional delay since the luggage is checked before it can be loaded on the next flight. She assured us that our box should be on our plane to Seattle.

Once our flight arrived in Seattle, we waited while the last piece of luggage revolved around the carousel. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official informed us that this was the last piece of luggage on our flight. Unfortunately, our white cardboard box had not arrived. The gentleman directed us to the US Airways baggage claim office that was surprisingly and conveniently right next to the carousel. My wife and I inform the representative about our lost box and fill out a claim form.

After arriving home, we received a phone call every day during the first week from the Central Luggage Office in Phoenix, Arizona, keeping us informed about the progress in your search efforts to find our lost box. We were advised to complete the damaged or lost property form we had received in Seattle and mail it.

Ten days after the form was sent, I called the Phoenix Central Luggage Office and spoke with a luggage specialist there. They had not yet received the form, but they called the next day to confirm that they had received it. There was still no news about our lost box, however, her trail was still active.

Mike Adams, the Baggage Specialist, at that time, had been working for US Airways for more than a year and his job was to call customers about their lost or damaged baggage claims, code and determine the incorrect coding of the claims . He had recently completed training for a secondary follow-up program. I wanted to get some answers about the steps they take to locate lost luggage.

"After filing the claim," Adams said, "we use the World Tracer System (used by more than 300 member airlines) to search the bag by name, address, type of bag and content to see if there are matches in If there is a match and the bag is in the terminal, two people open the bag and enter the contents of the bag in the system.All unclaimed luggage is stored for five days and then sent to Charlotte, North Carolina. and the property claim form is updated if there is a match.If the piece of luggage is not there, a secondary follow-up is carried out that checks with other airlines and connections to see if the lost piece was sent to another place.

How long will they keep looking for lost luggage? Mike says there is a minimum of four weeks, unless they are playing to catch up due to the storms, and then it takes longer.

Do baggage handlers or other employees steal luggage or boxes? "Yes," admits Adams. "There is some theft in the industry. The theft is usually by members of the Transportation Security Administration." Consequently, airlines will establish undercover operations to find the culprit or guilty and solve the problem. Adams revealed that in our case, the white cardboard shipping box was a red flag. The thieves are particularly directed at those items. "To solve that problem in the future," Mike advised, "and eliminate the temptation, just buy a cheap suitcase and put alcohol in it." That was a simple and solid advice that would have saved us a lot of headache.

If the box is not found, how will the claim be settled? Mike said they would probably send us a letter with a check for the amount of alcohol lost. I was half right. We received the letter from US Airways, but instead of a check, we received two $ 50.00 travel coupons that were valid for one year from the date of issue.

From each experience, whether good or bad, there is something to learn. First, my wife and I have decided that we will only buy items that we can pack safely in our bags. Second, we will mark our bags with a unique identification, such as colored stripes, ribbons or labels that stand out from the myriad suitcases that look alike. Third, we will place our names and addresses somewhere inside the suitcase or bag so that baggage specialists like Mike Adams & # 39; I work much easier to gather lost luggage with their owners.

Following these three steps may not guarantee that you will meet your suitcases on the carousel, but the odds will certainly improve. Happy journey!


Epilogue for Nepal


After a month of traveling in an exotic mystical land, what did I bring from my trip? Was it a neon-colored T-shirt printed with the word LIGHTING or, perhaps, a hostile microorganism? Or, like the character of Bill Murray in the Caddyshack movie, did I become friends with a holy man and received in gratitude the gift of total consciousness. As Carl, Bill's character, would say, "So, I did that for me …"

Nepal is the poorest and most exotic country I have visited. The old is mixed with the modern here as easily and awkwardly as extreme poverty does with the sublime.

The streets of Kathmandu present the stage and the testing ground of what I have called the Zen Buddhist chaos theory and its unlikely natural flow. The movement of humanity through the narrow and dusty streets of Kathmandu emanates a pattern of beautiful chaos. Every inch of precious space on the main roads through the city is coveted by one form or another of a colorful man, woman, beast or moving machine, but somehow everyone manages to flow without incident, miraculously avoiding a certain collision. Here in Nepal, the cultures and religious practices of Hinduism and Buddhism also manage to merge and merge without colliding with each other, although there is evidence that Indian Hinduism with its inclinations towards materialism and class conflict is causing frictions and social fractures.

Could you ask another question that while exploring the mystical world of Nepal, had you acquired a new wisdom or discovered a unique sense of harmony among the Nepalese that did not exist elsewhere? Unfortunately I would not find assistance to a teaching of a holy man, a guru, a teacher or a Tibetan monk, nor a golden opportunity to deepen the beliefs and blessings of the Hindu / Buddhist spiritual mysticism. However, I could talk to The Mountains, the Himalayas; A spiritual connection that offers a truly enlightened speech. I was also lucky to hear a part of the history of Nepal, interesting conversations told through the personal experiences of several different Nepalese knights, and a proud Sherpa mother; several stories that illustrate the human saga that exists among all mankind, no matter where in the global community you are.

The first gentleman, Ashesh, was 57 years old. Old world traveler, friend and promoter of a local Nepal blues band. I was not happy with the recent changes in Kathmandu. Ashesh admitted in recent years that the standard of living had improved for the average Nepalese in Kathmandu. Instead of walking barefoot, they now had shoes on their feet. Many even chose to drive mopeds instead of walking. However, through his observations, he felt that the air of friendship and community among the people was diminishing. A search for wealth and materialism was replacing better habits.

His observation range was far from limited. His travels took him to America and Western Europe. He was well informed about American culture and politics. Ashesh was also an honest man who liked to paint an honest image. He said: "you think your government is corrupt," a reference to the United States. "Nepal has the MOST corrupt government."

Apparently, the Nepalese had lived under a corrupt kingdom for many years, a kingdom quite isolated from the outside world until only a few generations ago. As in the modern world, the kingdom of Nepal apparently still suffered the same inequalities inherent in the imbalances of the classical divisions of human power; The Haves (in this case, the king and his family) and The Have-nots (the rest). The recent riots among the people, instigated mainly by the Maoist rebels, had pressured the reluctant abdication of the throne by the King, which allowed the slow installation of a more parliamentary and democratic form of government for Nepal.

The Maoists became representatives within this new evolving government, however, after a year of counterproductive rhetoric, inaction and violence by the Maoists against journalists and dissident villagers who now criticize the Maoist intention, it is becoming clear for the Maoist people. I only want a part of the loot and the power that the King once had; Not to really help people. There would not be a nirvana solution here.

Political corruption aside, a topic of greater importance for my gentleman friend was the continuous promotion of this blues band that we were listening to and the infusion of blues music in the Nepalese mainstream (yes … they have an artistic mainstream although mainly influenced by its largest neighbor, India). The band also played great classic rock songs, including a generous help of Jimmy Hendrix jams!

I told him about the wonderful experience I had in the town of Sauraha that was across the river from the Royal Chitwan National Park. Located along the river bank of camel-colored land, restaurants place tables and chairs for visitors to enjoy the sun's rays. Our scenario: a luxurious jungle green carpet visible through the air laden with wet dust with the incredulous backdrop of the Himalayas in the distance. The audience, a cornucopia of colorful nationalities watched with silent astonishment how the subtle pastel tones of a glorious sunset bathed the jungle and surrounding mountains; An extraordinary natural performance.

It wasn't long before darkness enveloped the jungle. While we were still sitting in our chairs, contemplating what we had just witnessed, I thought it would not be a cinema-sized screen with the disturbingly beautiful images of the movie that Baraka projected onto her as the perfect continuous complement to that stunning sunset, using the nocturnal sounds in development of the jungle for the musical accompaniment.
Ashesh's eyes lit up and he exclaimed: "Man, that would be GREAT!"

Another good gentleman I spoke with, Kumar, was the manager of a hotel for their families & # 39; hotel in Pokhara. Kumar was intelligent, energetic and had vision, both for him and for his family and for his country. He stressed the importance of Nepalese supporting each other by shopping in Nepalese businesses instead of India or other countries. He felt that this economic policy would strengthen a sense of pride and hope among the Nepalese, persuading them to seek opportunities within their own country instead of immediately applying for visas to seek opportunities abroad.

Kumar pointed to the local stone that his family, at his insistence, was using to build an addition to the hotel. Kumar talked about the devastating effect that the ten-year conflict between the Maoist rebels and the Nepalese government has had on the tourist economy that the Nepalese have depended so much on for a living.

The view from the top of his hotel offered spectacular views of the Annapurna Himalayas; however, the view also provided a telling story of the reality of Nepal. Pokhara's construction fronts offered a dichotomy of economies; A story of two worlds, the western world and the developing world. The hotel competition was prominent in the lakefront neighborhood.

Hotel-owning families were waiting for an attractive and expensive-built hotel to attract foreign tourists & # 39; deal; Many families invest their lifelong savings in these business ventures, assuming the risk and betting heavily to be presented with a constant flow of tourism trade. Often, behind the attractive facades, are the very modest enclaves that the local hotel staff and owners called home, barely equipped with basic plumbing and running water. An economic bet that is often seen today in the new countries of the developing world, strongly betting that some form of political stability would provide the comfortable green light for foreigners to come to visit their beautiful land.

Within the Hindu family of Kumar, there was an aura of conflict between his brothers, mainly monetarily driven by the patriarchal father, frustrating Kumar. The social place and strict adherence to religious disciplines and traditions seem to divide rather than unite their family.

A very important Hindu festival, Deepawali, with its colorful Festival of Lights, was fast approaching. For Kumar, the festival meant another stressful monetary obligation, since it was customary for the brother to present monetary gifts to his sisters. Deepawali represented a Christmas celebration abroad, with stressful monetary obligations of Christmas style inside. Poor Kumar …

Local bus travel can often be a source of stimulating conversation. While we sat tight together like sardines on a local bus returning from the grounds of the ancient city of Bhaktapur, I talked with a Nepalese boy who lived in Dublin, Ireland for the past six years, earning very good money as a Hi Tech Co manager He had just returned to Nepal to attend a cousin's wedding. Kumar could see this man as a traitor to the cause of a greater collective good in Nepal, but he could honestly blame him for finding a better path for himself. The man also spoke with good authority and humor about the current global change in employment opportunities today, which changes from country to country, from continent to continent, depending on the greedy whims of company cost / profit reduction global multinationals Ireland and China were already beginning to overvalue themselves, even with their cheaper paid immigrant workers. Would Cambodia or Kenya be the next economic boom?

The next two conversations represented the hopes and aspirations of today's goalkeepers and trekking guides; the first, Gopal, a young trekking guide from Annapurna who loved his mountains. Gopal spoke well, was quite knowledgeable about the world and very friendly. He worked at a travel agency in Kathmandu when he was not on a guided hike. He attended school to learn languages. He was very good with languages ​​and knew that multiple linguistic skills translated into a greater scope of guide opportunities for foreigners. He sent money home to help his parents and his sister.

I met the next partner while walking painfully along the Everest hike, each of us moving steadily with our heavy loads, enjoying the magnificent views and carefully avoiding the abundant yak dung along the way. He talked about his last years of experience, bringing products for others, learning the trade, acquiring knowledge of the mountainous terrain so that he can finally become a guide. He also talked about his difficulties in dating his girlfriend, who is from another family of Hindu caste; a recurring theme of Romeo and Juliet, even here at the top of the Himalayas.

Then there was the proud and gregarious middle-aged woman who owned the profitable cabin along the Everest trail. His parents were refugees who had fled Tibet during the Chinese invasion of the fifties. They began a new life in the Nepalese Himalayas, gradually earning a living, which allowed them to send it to the university in India. By combining her new educational skills with great business acumen, she, along with her husband, built a good livelihood for themselves through the burgeoning foreign trekking trade while raising three children who now attended various universities throughout the world. world. The future of his children was also very promising.

And, as always in my travels, there were numerous simple acts of kindness and generous smiles and gestures of the local people who are in the streets and on the dirt roads through the fields and villages. And what about these same people who offer goodwill to Sidhus Hindus, Tibetan monks or the stranger that happens? Are they not the true practitioners of spiritual enlightenment?

Are Kumar's trials and tribulations really different from those of a family man who works in New York City? They are two people who live in two very diverse cultures, but still share many common human traits. Nepalese, like the rest of us, want a better life for themselves and their families. Some take money and social status issues too seriously.

Life is what you make of it: share a smile and a conversation with strangers. Making the effort to extend goodwill to other people, such as the American I met, bringing solar water heaters from the Himalayan path to the villagers or the charitable legacy of Sir Edmund Hillary to the Sherpa villagers.

There are no easy answers to discover the iconic spiritual abodes of the world or the supposed enlightened cultures. Does a visit to Machu Picchu or a walk to a Buddhist or Hindu temple provide immediate answers to an enlightened life path? Or are the answers more subtle and are found throughout the daily journey of life? Are the responses of life discovered during a high pilgrimage in the desert to Mount Kailash, a low pilgrimage in the desert to Mecca, or perhaps by a lonely walk in the forest; any forest

I often discover in my travels that it is not so much about the sacred destinations in themselves but about the journey itself and the good people that are on the road, where the answers to the mysteries of life reside.

My last day in Nepal, I am standing in the middle of a busy Kathmandu street. The usual crowded chaos is happening to me on both sides, screaming, honking and honking, but now I only hear the steady rhythm of Buddhist singing music floating down the street. Those who were once irritating annoy me, although very well, as always, but now I only politely shake my head and smile.

I am looking around and observing the chaotic and liberated way in which growth was being built throughout the city of Kathmandu; contempt rampant by electrical codes, public services or construction. Somehow everything worked; well, at least until the next blackout, which happened almost daily.

I slowly moved my eyes, leveling my eyes towards the city street ahead. Soon, the concrete physical forms began to blur, merging, changing in mixtures of colors and movement until finally all that appeared before my eyes was the silence and the white and shining glow of the Himalayas.

Like Ashesh, my blues friend said: "COOL!"


Why visit Djibouti?


Djibouti is a sovereign nation in the Horn of Africa, at the Gate of Tears (Babe el Mandeb) of strategic importance, which protects the entrance to the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Twenty miles east, on the other side of the entrance to the Red Sea, is Yemen.

This small country has many unique features that make a visit worthwhile. Formerly a French colony, it retains many French connections and cultural perspectives.


The size of the US state of Massachusetts, it has a coastal plain backed by a stony desert (where the French Foreign Legion trains), and behind the scattered plateaus and highlands, especially the Goda Massif in the north.

It borders to the north with Eritrea, to the west with Ethiopia and to the south with Somalia, and covers the Gulf of Tadjoura. This gulf leads through the Ghoubbet Pass to Lake Ghoubbet (the Devil's Cauldron).

Lake Assal, one of the warmest places in the world, is a flooded volcanic crater surrounded by dormant volcanoes and black lava fields. It is located in the depression of Afar, part of the Great Valley of the African Rift, 153 meters below sea level, the lowest point of the African continent. The waters of Lake Assal are the saltiest in the world and contain more than 34 percent salt.

It is a semi-presidential republic, and its territory is divided into five regions and eleven districts. The capital city is called Djibouti.


The rare Djibouti Francolin, a partridge, lives in the juniper forests in the Goda massif, a mountainous area in the north of the country. There is a wide range of birds of prey, and in the month of August there are notable migratory congregations.

Mammals include wild dogs, wild boars and, in particular, even leopards. Velvet monkeys are found in the Day Forest National Park, where more than fifty percent of wildlife lives in Djibouti. There are many camels and flocks of donkeys.

Marine life

Lake Ghoubbet, approximately eight miles wide, is not deep and fresh water does not flow. It is rich in plankton and an important breeding area for whale shark that feeds on plankton. In addition, there are at least two hundred species of coral, manta rays, barracudas, sailfish and abundance of marine life.


For the artist, Djibouti offers little, unless he is a painter, although considerable efforts are being made to develop his cultural life. Without a university, there is little academic life to mention. Of course, for the authors who write about Djibouti and the region in general, there is a lot of material.


Dairy products and herd meat are traditional foods, complemented with grain-based dishes. An Ethiopian bread recipe, injera, is very popular.

An interesting feature of the diet is the chewing of the light narcotic leaf, qat, which is imported fresh from Ethiopia. Qat is consumed recreationally by almost all men and has a mild amphetamine effect.

Places to stay

Most tourists stay in the city of Djibouti. There are several international hotels of up to five stars and smaller local hotels. There is a beach holiday village on the island of Moucha, twenty minutes by boat from Djibouti. There are smaller hotels in other cities (for example, Tadjoura), but the quality is variable.

Night life

The city of Djibouti has a French naval presence and also an American military base in Camp Lemonnier. Therefore, much of the animated night activity has been developed to meet your needs. There are numerous bars, cafes, discos and restaurants. The activities are much more moderate in Plage des Sables Blancs.

Get there

Many flights require a change in Sana & # 39; to (Yemen), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) or Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, although a new airline has recently started direct flights from London and Paris.

In summary, Djibouti is a land of compromise, politically stable in a region of uncertainty, with many unique natural features to offer the adventurous traveler, from exquisite white beaches to desert safaris.


Choose Miami hotels in South Beach for the best spring break


SoBe, as its residents call it, or South Beach Miami for the rest of us, sits between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and includes all the islands of Miami Beach south of Indian Creek. South Beach Miami's transformation of farmland into the vacation paradise began today in the 1910s with the construction of the Collins Bridge making the first land link between the continent of Miami and the beaches. In 1926, a hurricane destroyed most of the new area, but now there are about 40,000 residents living in South Beach, and many more residences are second vacation homes.

Before Miami Vice arrived on television screens in 1970, South Beach was really a very poor and undesirable area with a shocking crime rate, which certainly inspired the Miami Vice theme! Today, however, South Beach Miami is a world away from that den of iniquity and is one of the richest, most desirable and prosperous commercial areas favored by celebrities, fashion designers, business magnates, sports enthusiasts and tourists. Miami offers a year-round vacation climate, and even if it rains, there are countless activity options to keep you and your family busy on your vacation.

South Beach Miami is a major entertainment destination with more than 150 night clubs, countless restaurants, fashion boutiques and hotels that make the area popular with American and international tourists. Here you can choose between luxury boutique hotels, bed and breakfast or cheap hostels that make the resort available to everyone, including students with a limited budget and budget conscious families, now you can also enjoy an amazing vacation full of South Beach security.

Fashionistas and shopping enthusiasts can choose between glorious and unique selections at Lincoln Road shopping centers, which span the beach between 16th Street and 17th Street in an east-west direction. South Beach Miami is a place where new fashion is exhibited and where you can be the first to try it, buy it and use it! The shopping centers are full of fashion boutiques, galleries and small intimate restaurants that succumb to all tastes.

Nightclub fans can head to Washington Park and Washington Avenue, one of the best known and cosmopolitan areas of South Beach. Washington has some of the largest and most popular nightclubs in the world, including Cameo and Mansion, as well as elegant shops and boutique hotels. It can be an art to gain admission to the best nightclubs in Miami: you must practice spreading the goalkeepers somewhat enthusiastic and always have a plan B ready for action. Soon you will perfect your technique, but be prepared for one or two negatives. Admission costs between $ 20 and more than $ 100 and can include a line that requires several hours of patience to enter the most popular night spots frequented by celebrities.

Spring break and Easter are very popular times to visit Miami for everyone. Celebrities of all genres attend the International Film Festival, the Winter Music Conference and Fashion Week, which take place in March. This is where new trends are established for the next summer season and being here to witness these annual events is a very special and unique experience. The weather is very pleasant in the spring for beach activities, golf, tennis and water sports with temperatures of twenty and thirty years so that families with children can enjoy the beaches without suffering an overdose of sun on their pale winter skin.

Ocean Drive is a popular tourist and spring break area that includes Lummus Drive and the famous Pearl and Nikki Beach nightclubs. Gianni Versace lived here, it can't be bad! Popular Ocean Drive restaurants include News Cafe, Mango & # 39; sy Clevelander, who appeared and made the place great to be seen on MTV.

A carefully selected tour of the Florida Everglades National Park is a must for all tourists visiting Miami, especially for unique visitors. This internationally famous park of the 10,000 islands is one of the few places in the world where you can safely face incredible wild animals in their original natural habitat.

The magnificent rare birds, the American alligators, the mangroves, the rare orchids and the naturally diverse landscapes of this park create a unique opportunity for families and anyone interested in experiencing something educational, real and totally in contrast to the white sand beaches of Miami. Fishermen and fishermen can take guided fishing tours to capture the bass and shad, and visitors can choose to visit and experience the Everglades from a kayak, canoe, raft or motorboat. You can organize a flyover of the Everglades by helicopter or plane, and guided hiking excursions are easily organized that are of special interest to ornithologists.

There are family adventures in the desert at Babcock Ranch, with swamp rides and cowboy dinners. Babcock Ranch organizes safaris with wild alligators, bison, panthers and birds, and there is also a zoo in the Naples area, all the features of Miami that make an interesting and contrasting change of scenery.

Catamaran and pontoon cruises are popular in Naples and the Marco Islands with their pristine beaches or you can rent your own boat and take your party on a private cruise. Sunset cruises sail every day to quiet places where you can see stunning sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico while perhaps having a fruity cocktail and savoring delicious treats. You can see dolphins at play, grazing manatees, nesting birds like herons and egrets: this is nature at its best.

The rapid descents and perfect greens of the Miami Golf Club ensure that golf enthusiasts do not feel challenged or disappointed and there are many more sports activities available for visitors to enjoy in Miami South Beach. The tree-lined promenade is always popular with walkers for walking, rollerblading, jogging and cycling.

The attractive white sand beaches and turquoise waters of Miami South Beach offer endless opportunities for surfing, sunbathing, water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, sailing and all other water sports, and you can always enjoy a game of volleyball from the beach In the evenings, a session in one of the many world-class spas is a must, a great place to relax after a day in the sun with a body treatment that will make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the excitement that the night has . to offer in Miami South Beach.


Where is the best deep sea fishing? Venice LA which is where!


Venice LA has the best deep sea fishing in the country

If you love deep sea fishing, you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the fishing trip of your life in Venice, LA this summer. Venice is known for some of the best deep sea fishing activities you can find.

Although it is a small city, people travel from all over the country to Venice to rent a boat and go out to the Gulf of Mexico. With Venice LA just a short drive from New Orleans, many fishermen fly to NOLA, stay a couple of nights in the world-famous French Quarter and then go on the best fishing on the planet. If you have never taken a fishing charter in the Gulf, you are at the best time of your life. Old or young, male or female, you can be sure that you will catch fish and return to the coast enthusiastically.

These are just some of the reasons why Venice LA should be your next fishing destination:

Multiple fishing charts to choose from

There are fishing charts on the high seas that leave daily. You can book in advance or you can travel to Venice and then make your reservation. You can book cards of different sizes: if you want to fish alone, there are small cards available, but if you bring friends and family, there are larger boats available for rent.

Wide variety of fish

One of the biggest attractions of Venice for deep-sea fishing is the variety of fish available in the Gulf. Whether you're looking to catch marlin, shad, sharks, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, mahi-mahi or Wahoo, you can be sure you'll find them here.

Experience of fishing captains

Another reason why Venice is constantly voted as a main destination is the quality of fishing charts. The fishing boat captains of Venice have a lot of experience. All boats are very well maintained and you can be sure that you will not have any problems while you are in the water.

Year-round fishing

Unlike many other fishing destinations, New Orleans is year-round: you don't have to wait for summer to enjoy your hobby. Although you can fish in deep water throughout the year in the Gulf of Mexico, if you want the best of Louisiana's fishing and catch the great yellowfin tuna, summer is the best time for your migration.

Affordable fishing trips

Fishing excursions outside of Venice are affordable. With the cost of living in Louisiana relatively low compared to the rest of the country, you can enjoy a first-class fishing trip for less than you think. If you compare what you would pay in other fishing destinations, which are generally tourist centers, you will see that you pay very reasonable rates outside of Venice. In fact, it is so affordable that many people come several times a year.

Traveling is easy

Venice is near New Orleans and flights to the city are very cheap. With New Orleans being the second most flown city in the country, booking a cheap flight is easy. You can fly to the city and then rent a car to drive to Venice. Southern Louisiana has many fishing accommodations if you choose to spend the night. Some of the fishing charters even offer night trips!

Charter fishing for everyone

Although most people think of fishing trips as a man & # 39; Getaway, it is extremely common to have the whole family in the boat. We are also seeing more and more companies that use fishing charters for stimulating teamwork exercises.

Today, deep-sea fishing is more fun than ever. When you think of deep sea fishing charts, you should think of Venice, LA!